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Click the headers below for more information. On the Apple menu, click System Preferences. The Input menu appears as a flag in the menu bar. Click the Input menu, and select a new keyboard layout to begin typing in that language. It can be difficult to remember which keys have changed when you apply a new keyboard layout. From the Input menu in the menu bar, choose the input source for the language whose keyboard you want to view. Press the key on your keyboard that corresponds to the character shown in the Keyboard Viewer, or click keys in the Keyboard Viewer.

Press a modifier key, or a combination of modifier keys, to see special characters or symbols you can type. For example, hold down the Option key or the Option and Shift keys. You can change the format used to display information such as dates, times, currency, and measurements so that it matches the standards or language used in the country or region where you are located. Click the First day of week pop-up menu to choose a new first day of the week. Click the Advanced button, and then in the Dates tab, rearrange the date elements to reflect how you want the date formatted.

In the Times tab, rearrange the time elements to reflect how you want the time formatted. In the General tab, click the Currency pop-up menu to change the default currency. Click the Measurement units pop-up menu to change the default unit of measure.

Choose Apple’s Spanish keyboard, even if you only type in English

Check spelling and grammar in a different language. Type in a bi-directional language in Office for Mac. Translate content into another language available only in Office for Mac. Select the Show Input menu in menu bar check box. Choose Show Keyboard Viewer from the Input menu. Change the default date, time, number or measurement format.

Full Keyboard Configuration

Do any of the following: To Do Update the date, time, number, currency, and measurement formats based on your geographic region On the Regions pop-up menu, select the region you want. Change the way the date is formatted Click the Calendar pop-up menu to choose a different calendar. Change the way the time is formatted In the Times tab, rearrange the time elements to reflect how you want the time formatted.

Change the way numbers and currency are formatted In the General tab, click the Currency pop-up menu to change the default currency. Expand your Office skills. Used mainly in the Indian state of Kerala. This layout features symbols specific to the Maltese language. Used in Nepal and northern India.

Used in northern parts of Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Used in Norway and Svalbard. Used mainly in the Indian state of Odisha. Used in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Used in Iran. Used in Poland, although the newer Polish Pro layout is much more popular. A modern version of Polish layout that is used in Poland almost exclusively. Used in Brazil. Used mainly in the Indian state of Punjab and Pakistan. Used mainly by foreigners who learn Russian. Used in Serbia. Identical to the Croatian, Bosnian, and Slovene layouts. Used in Sri Lanka.

Holding down the letter

Used in Slovenia. Identical to the Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian Latin layouts. Used in Sweden and Finland. Used in Switzerland. Matches both Swiss German and Swiss French layouts. Used mainly in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Used by Tibetan people all around the world. Used in Turkey by enthusiasts and fast-typists. Used in Ukraine. Used in Pakistan and India. Used in western China, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Used in Afghanistan and western parts of China.

Used in Vietnam.

Type Spanish Accents and Spanish Letters | SpanishDict

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How To Change System Language in Mac OS X

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